Upon the agreement

Who are we?

Organization is a one person organization based in Slovenia. I am a Dutch national and work internationally with trainers, facilitators, coaches, educators and mediators. A large group of this audience are leaders in the field of Nonviolent Communication as well as mediation and restorative justice, because I want to contribute to people experiencing peace, harmony and justice in their lives.

The main focus of the activities is to support my audience in getting their message across effectively with the help of visual aids. This leads to more effective learning and larger impact of the training, workshop or other services my audience provide. A part of the services are provided offline, others online, in the form of training on visual facilitation and the use of visual language in general. Another part of the activities are the creation of graphic recording at conferences, during seminars, workshops and webinars. Currently in development are visual mediation services.

What are the main tasks?

  • Website maintenance
  • Online Academy maintenance
  • Create sales pages
  • Create workbooks / handouts
  • Create fillable pdf’s
  • Support with creating video tutorials
  • Video editing
  • Place blogs and social media posts
  • Schedule social media posts
  • Create email funnels
  • Support with execution of online courses
  • Set up / schedule webinars
  • Follow up on webinars
  • Support on implementing and testing online payment systems, automatic invoicing and email system
  • Support on tracking & planning of activities, deadlines and appointments

What do we expect from you?

  • Reliable
  • Integer
  • Accurate
  • Resourceful
  • Creative
  • Pro-Active
  • Autonomous
  • Affinity with and interest in:
    •  training / workshop business
    • online and offline entrepreneurship
    • visual facilitation/graphic recording
    • learning and working with different online media platforms and software
  • Creative Skills – Creativity is the basis of the work we do.
  • Technology Skills – Able to work with Adobe programs, WordPress (and Divi builder) and known with social media platforms.
  • Communication Skills – Respectful, transparent communication and interaction on eye-level. Able to express one’s own needs and care for the needs of others.
  • Problem-Solving Skills – Technical issues show up and sudden changes in schedules as well as in decisions happen for which problem solving skills and creativity are required.
  • Planning Skills – An efficient online business is connected to schedules, plans and funnels. Being able to organize, plan and work independently (yet in agreement) are basic skills for this work.

What knowledge and skills can you gain during the internship?

  • Using and leveraging creative skills to be at the core of what we do, the business we run or the job we have.
  • Making Sketchnotes, depending on interest visual facilitation or graphic recording skills
  • Organizational and experience to work as a virtual assistant or run an online business
  • Technical skills for using multiple online applications, platforms and programs that support online businesses
  • Organizational skills to work location independent
  • Communication skills for working in a power-with paradigm environment, where everyone’s voice matters, everyone’s contribution is valued and where working as a creative team lays as the basis for a dynamic and innovative life experience.
  • Technical skills, planning and organizational skills to set up, fill up and run an online academy.

Can we offer you any additional contribution?

  • Participation in my online or live training on visual facilitation, visualization, visual language/vocabulary, graphic recording, …
  • Lunch (often warm meal)
  • Support on finding an affordable accommodation in town
  • Depending on specific needs, I am open to explore more possibilities and provide for

What is the selection process?

CV and Cover letter